The Healing Power of Natural Living


We produce and consume the most unnatural and toxic foods in the history of mankind.  The immediate and long-term consequences have, at the cellular level, changed the way that our genes are functioning.

We have a love affair with the pharmaceutical industry. Yet we are constantly hearing of another study revealing that yet another drug has actually caused more harm than good.

Many are in a vicious cycle of cascading side effects. Disease, drugs -> side effects -> health decline -> more drugs -> more side effects. Pain, then drug -> side effects.  Anxiety, sleeplessness, and depression -> drugs and more side effects.

Getting back to basics holds a lot of promise for restoring the body’s remarkable ability to heal. How can we move closer to natural living to enjoy more radiant health and inner serenity? 

We tend to underestimate the medicinal value and power of water, earth, air, and sunshine. Heat and cold. Sleep. Moving. Breast milk. Plants. Fruit and seeds. Staying more in touch with nature; slowing down. Food that doesn’t need advertising. We really can take back our health and reverse the trend toward high-impact modern ills, chronic poor health, and nutrient deprivation.

This is not about alternative medicine.  This is about foundational health.

I created this page to say “If you care about these issues, we share an important concern.” Perhaps we will be able to share more than that. Connection. Support. Information. Inspiration. Solutions.



June 2015.


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