NEW from ASEA: a Trio of Superior Support for Optimal Health, Digestion, & Longevity!

ASEA VIA WELLNESS. This fantastic trio of new products by represent “Cutting Edge Common Sense” in superior nutritional supplementation. 41073950_10160784885435285_4571074229310586880_o WHAT are they, WHY do you need them, and HOW would they benefit you?

This 10-minute video will tell you everything you need to know about these new ASEA VIA products and what makes them powerful and unique! 

› 100% vegan
› Non-GMO
› Gluten-free
› 100% plant cellulose capsules

Source – for daily nutrition. Vegan, whole-food sourced vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, organic superfoods, trace minerals, and enzymes. Features ASEA’s proprietary BioVIA™ Source Complex, which ensures maximum bioavailability of all nutrients. 1 bottle $55 or $45 with a discount when you buy any 3.

4 capsules provide the equivalent of eating all of the above and more – in highly bioavailable form

Biome – for digestive health. A robust, full-spectrum probiotic supplement that contains 16 probiotic strains proven to have specific benefits, 3 types of prebiotics (to nurture and feed the beneficial probiotics), as well as slippery elm, a plant used for thousands of years to address intestinal discomfort and support healthy digestion (providing a good environment for probiotics). 1 bottle $50 or $40 with a discount when you buy any 3.


LifeMax – promotes longevity and vitality. 16 natural plant extracts shown to:

  • address many signs of aging inside and out
  • regulate healthy cell division
  • support immune, cardiovascular, and eye health
  • help balance mood
  • support healthy cognitive function
  • support a healthy inflammatory response

Contains Reishi Mushroom, Lion’s Mane Mushroom, Maitake Mushroom, Cordyceps, Astragalus, Gotu Kola, Pomegranate,  SOD from French Cantaloupe, Alpha Lipoic Acid, extracts of Green Tea, Grape Seed (Resveratrol), Tumeric Root, Broccoli Seed, and Bilberry Fruit. 1 bottle $70 or $60 with a discount when you buy any 3.

One of 16 carefully chosen ingredients in LifeMax

Order only from a reputable ASEA Independent Distributor in good standing. Support people who will work to support you. This will also ensure you will have quality, authentic, untainted, non-expired product shipped from our FDA-registered facility.

To order from me: My ASEA Business Website  (

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Wishing you optimal health for fully enjoying your life and for enjoying many more healthy years to come!


BREAKING NEWS: a new study on ASEA and genetic expression

Testing of gene expression at the most credible genetic lab in North America isolated 5 genes that are involved in pathway signaling. This was a randomized, placebo-controlled human trial on ASEA REDOX CELL SIGNALING SUPPLEMENT approved by an independent review board. This 2017 study was overseen by Kenneth Ward MD, OBGyn, Maternal Fetal Medicine, Medical Genetics & Molecular Genetics at Taueret Laboratories.

The results showed that in 8 weeks the product activated 20-31% more beneficial gene expression in 5 key signaling pathways, affecting:

1) cardiovascular health

2) digestive health & enzyme production

3) hormonal modulation

4) immune health

5) inflammation control

Details: Study Showed ASEA REDOX Positively Impacted Important Signaling Pathways

Each pathway signaling gene studied has the potential to influence numerous biological responses. An example of one gene in this study that interacts with multiple important pathways is the EGR1 gene:

new gene study
The ERG1 gene (1 of 5 genes studied) governs many signaling pathways. It showed 22% increased positive activation after 8 weeks on ASEA Redox Supplement in a double-blind placebo-controlled human trial

Notice in the above graphic that one gene studied, the EGR1 gene, governs serotonin signaling (the feel-good chemical relevant to depression), insulin signaling (relevant to blood sugar issues), circadian rhythm (sleep-related), thyroid, ovarian infertility, and more.

Study participants were in generally good health with an average age of 35. Signaling pathways for the 5 genes studied showed stable, increased activation of 20-31% in 8 weeks for 100% of those in the ASEA Group.

Genes and DNA provide blueprint instructions for the healthy functioning of every cell in the body. Increased activation of these genes means cells are more able to do their job, playing their key roles in advancing life.

Many people don’t realize that our gene expression can be changed. Current research shows that environmental factors can harm positive gene expression. Signaling genes instruct body systems regarding how to properly function.

Common causes of under-functioning signaling genes are chemicals, air pollution, food and water pollution, UV and other radiation, smoking, poor diet, stress. On the other hand, positive gene expression can be aided by things like receiving lots of affection in infancy. ASEA is now proven to be among the POSITIVE things that aid genes, helping our bodily functions to improve up to 31% within mere weeks!

Every cell in our body needs proper cell signaling in order to clearly know what is needed, what’s going well and what isn’t, and what to do about it. Even DNA itself becomes damaged and needs repair.

When cell signaling is going really well, function and repair are optimized. ASEA REDOX is a Cell Signaling Supplement: native-to-the-body molecules that are 100% safe and free of side effects.


new study summary

Study participants taking ASEA Redox used 8oz a day. Placebo users drank saline solution.

Testing 8 weeks after the study showed that activation of genetic pathways for the group taking #ASEA, who had shown improvement, had returned to pre-study levels.

Many product users are reporting very profound results from just 4 oz a day, many having long-term health challenges resolve, as the body becomes healthier.

new cover photo22791823_1111434632292440_6525355054152009955_o

More about ASEA/Order/Join: or find a friend who is an Independent ASEA Associate. This is a global company with distributors in over 32 countries.

Watch: ASEA Scientific Credibility: A Commitment to Safety & Efficacy 

What Doctors & Other Experts Are Saying About ASEA

ASEA Reviews: What Experts are saying

“I believe ASEA is worthy of a Nobel Prize in medicine. ASEA is the most powerful lifestyle supplement / integrative medicine on the planet.” ~

Ann Louise Gittleman Ph.D., author, columnist, nutritionist often called “The First Lady of Nutrition” and a spokesman for functional and integral medicine


“Redox Signaling Molecules are absolutely critical to maintaining peak efficiency in cell function. I am so excited about this new paradigm and awareness we now have with ASEA and its ability to transform human health.”

Dr. Robertson Ward, MD (30 years in Family Medicine)


“The Redox Signaling process is remarkable because it is the process that allows us to regenerate tissue and maintain our normal function and capacities. This technology has the potential to spearhead the greatest advances of health we have ever seen.”

~ Dr. Gary Samuelson, Ph.D.(Atomic Medical Physics)


“I feel very confident giving ASEA to all my patients. It is something their cells lack, and it restores their level naturally because it’s native to the body.”

~ Dr. Dave Carpenter, ND (Naturopathy)


“This state-of-the-art, advanced liquid supplement has been studied by the Hippocrates Health Institute for nearly one year. There were a number of verbal reports of how people felt more energy and stronger via the consumption of this powerful liquid. After immersing ourselves in both the science behind ASEA and the empirical evidence that has emerged we would strongly advise utilizing this important contribution to human health.”

~ Dr. Brian Clement PhD LN (Hippocrates Health Institute)


“Since training as a Rheumatologist, I’ve understood that if we could balance the immune system we would have a huge impact both on conditions of immune over-activity, where the body mistakenly attacks itself, as well as conditions of under or ineffective surveillance where damaged and unhealthy cells are left to grow unchecked. In all of these conditions, the problem is one of ineffective communication or signaling of what is happening in the cellular environment. Redox Signaling Molecules are the key to efficient cellular communication. We have them in abundance when we are children, and begin to slowly lose them in numbers and efficiency as we grow older. The science of Redox Biochemistry has been studied at the highest levels of our medical institutions here in the U.S. and around the world for close to two decades, but until recently, these molecules have been very unstable. The company I am working with [ASEA] has found a way to create the exact molecules that we have in every cell of our body, in stable balanced pairs outside of the body so they can be ingested to replenish what we lack.”

~ Dr. Robert Knitzer M.D. Rheumatology


Modulation of optimum REDOX signaling through aqueous delivery systems could be the future of global healthcare.”  ~

~ Dr. Narain Naidu, Ph.D. (Medicine), world-renowned medical microbiologist and immunologist (led groundbreaking research on e Coli and Toxic Shock Syndrome identification and treatment)

ASEA, the Redox Signaling Molecules Supplement for Cellular Health

RENU Advanced Skin Care (Video)


Watch this 2 minute RENU Advanced Product Video (Official) for information about the WORLD’S FIRST & ONLY REDOX-BASED Skin Care by ASEA. (More about RENU Advanced here: Introducing RENU Advanced Skin Care )

HIGH IMPACT, cutting edge, safe products without neuro-toxins, harsh ingredients or any of the “Dirty 30”. The best of science & nature! Works by creating healthier cells within minutes!





Information on pricing and ordering here:

#ASEA #RENUAdvanced #RENU28

Introducing RENU Advanced Skin Care by ASEA!

Introducing the world’s FIRST and ONLY REDOX-BASED anti-aging skin care system! 


ASEA has taken THE BEST OF SCIENCE & NATURE to create RENU Advanced cutting edge skin care. 

All the benefits of redox signaling technology* together with exclusive redox-friendly, PREMIUM anti-aging blends from NATURE to compliment and enhance results.

HIGH IMPACT products without neurotoxins, harsh ingredients or any of the “Dirty 30”. Works by creating healthier cells within minutes!

This simple skin care system is perfect for all skin types, all skin concerns and for both women and men.

(*For many years, researchers have explored ways to supplement redox signaling molecules in your body to combat the effects of age, toxins, and environmental stress. ASEA has developed a patented technology that replicates these naturally occurring molecules – for topical use as well as internal.)

Click here for RENU Advanced Skin Care (Video)


 I LOVE, LOVE these products!!!

Instead of using substances to subtly inflame or puff up skin, this redox-based system actually slows down aging. Achieving short term results using poisons or burning leads to age acceleration in the long term.

Products left to right:

      1. Gentle Refining Cleanser

This rich foaming cleanser tones and hydrates skin as it gently washes away dirt, oil, and impurities while leaving skin looking and feeling younger. Specifically formulated to support redox signaling technology.

  • Immediate Benefits
  • Helps tone and balance skin
  • Supports healthy cell renewal
  • Gently cleanses and removes makeup

Gentle Refining Cleanser has earned Dermatest’s coveted 5-star clinically tested seal, its highest possible commendation for safety and efficacy.

2. Ultra Replenishing Moisturizer  Ultra-Premium, feels and smells divine!

This benefit-packed moisturizer delivers deep hydration and anti-aging actives for a visibly youthful, vibrant appearance. Specifically formulated to support redox signaling technology.

  • Two-Week Benefits
  • Visibly enhanced skin elasticity and firmness
  • Reduced appearance and depth of lines and wrinkles
  • Defense of healthy skin barrier to protect from pollution
  • Four-Week Benefits
  • Increased skin moisture by 43% with once-a-day use. We use twice a day!

Ultra Replenishing Moisturizer has earned Dermatest’s coveted 5-star clinically tested seal, its highest possible commendation for safety and efficacy.

 3. Intensive Redox Serum (Ultra-Concentrated RENU28)

Intensive Redox Serum is an ultra-concentrated anti-aging skin therapy designed to revitalize and support skin renewal. With powerfully acting redox signaling molecules, this facial serum targets even the most challenging imperfections associated with aging.

  • 30-Minute Benefits
  • Visibly more radiant skin
  • Smoother skin to ease appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and puffiness
  • Benefits
  • Reduces the appearance of “crow’s feet,” fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes
  • Reduces the appearance of under-eye fine lines and wrinkles
  • Decreases the appearance of under-eye puffiness and dark circles
  • Increases skin radiance
  • Visibly smoother skin

Intensive Redox Serum has earned Dermatest’s coveted 5-star clinically tested seal, its highest possible commendation for safety and efficacy.

Intensive Redox Serum is produced in an FDA-registered, NSF certified facility and is certified by an independent third-party lab to contain active redox signaling molecules.

4.  RENU 28 Revitalizing Redox Gel  (Concentrated ASEA Liquid Redox Supplement)

RENU 28 Revitalizing Redox Gel harnesses the power of redox signaling technology in a light, fast-absorbing gel designed to support healthy cell renewal. This whole-body skin therapy works to add smoothness, even texture, and revitalize skin health.

  • Immediate Benefits
  • Supports healthy circulation  – 55% increased blood flow in clinical results
  • Four-Week Benefits
  • Faster Skin Cell Renewal by 16%
  • Improved Skin Texture by 22%
  • Improved Skin Smoothness by 23%
  • Improved Skin Elasticity by 20%
  • Reduced Appearance of Cellulite by 16%

RENU 28 Revitalizing Redox Gel has earned Dermatest’s coveted 5-star clinically tested seal, its highest possible commendation for safety and efficacy.

RENU 28 Revitalizing Redox Gel is produced in an FDA-registered, NSF certified facility and is certified by an independent third-party lab to contain active redox signaling molecules.

More about RENU 28 here:

Find pricing and ordering options here:




HEALTHY is Beautiful!


RENU Advanced (ASEA for Topical Use & Skin Care)

In the summer of 2014, ASEA announced that the power of ASEA Redox Supplement, the cellular health-enhancing liquid molecular supplement with amazing anti-aging and restorative properties, had been harnessed in a concentrated topical gel!

10531408_10202469631203214_6877946669351962753_o - Copy
Only 4 pure ingredients!!

I got my RENU 28 right away. My camera close-ups were able to capture the imperfections and signs of aging before applying, then the very dramatic improvement! I was really surprised by my results in just 28 days!!

My own results in 28 days with RENU 28 twice a day. Long-lasting results because the skin actually became healthier!

RENU 28 has received a coveted 5-star rating by leading European dermatological research institute, Dermatest. In a 28-day study, RENU 28 was shown to:

Dermatest Clinically Tested

  • Increase blood flow to the area 55%

This brings move life-giving oxygen and nutrients to the area.

  • Reduce eye wrinkle depth by 21%
  • Improve wrinkles overall by 23%
  • Improve facial skin texture by 22%
  • Increase skin’s smoothness by 23%
  • Increase skin’s elasticity by 21%
  • Increase skin’s moisture by 11%
  •  16% faster skin renewal rate
  • Reduce appearance of cellulite by 16%, with an actual reduction in size of fat lobules:
    • In a study observing cellulite, participants had these results in only 6 weeks in their underlying connective tissue:

      • 12% average decrease in fat lobule size, length  
      • 10.5% average decrease in fat lobule size, width

      Users frequently report feeling benefits below the skin’s surface, such as reduction in discomfort.

      RENU 28: results that are not just “skin-deep”!


(See all EIGHT photos here of My Own Results with RENU 28 – along with more information about this product.)


Blood flow to the area increased 55% in just 96 hours of twice daily use!


Enter a caption



(See my post Men! RENU 28: Not Just For Women!)

I met Dr. Garry Gordon at the ASEA Convention

Spots on face - Copy

Desktop6 - Copy (1)
Took these in my kitchen of my friend Connie’s 28 day results.
I took these of my friend – in 28 days, skin was balanced and smoother.
My friend Tricia

BREAKS DOWN and actually reduces the SIZE OF FAT LOBULES that cause cellulite and increases elasticity by 21% according to CLINICAL TRIALS by Dermatest Dermatological Institute.


10492031_671471899599612_2685278753188147949_n (1)


Always buy from a reputable ASEA Independent Distributor.

As an Associate Member I pay the low price of $35 for my large 2.7 ounce tube of RENU 28, which lasts a month for face & neck.

Joining as an Associate Member means always getting best pricing and you receive a website, marketing materials, the ability to receive free product and earn commissions.

You can join here on my branded ASEA website as:

  • Associate Member – the ability to earn commission and to get free product
  • Preferred Customer – discounted pricing w/ a monthly shipment, cancel at anytime!
  • Retail Customer – full price, no need to join or request a monthly shipment

Radha McChristy’s Branded ASEA website: 

Available in over 20 countries!

Contact me for more info at



DISCLAIMER – RENU 28 and ASEA are not drugs and make no medical claims to treat, prevent or cure any medical condition.

#RENU28 by #ASEA

My Own Results with RENU 28!

RENU 28 is a simple, non-toxic topical gel that provides whole-body skin therapy by supporting cellular health in a totally unique way. It utilizes ASEA’s patented redox signaling technology that works with the body’s natural processes to provide critical connection and communication between cells.

Here are a few of my results:

  1. 10 days applying RENU 28 gel to ONE arm only (left)Concentrated Redox Molecules - a Gel for Every Skin Concern

2. My own eye area results in 28 days



3. My forehead area, 28 days (the growth is now completely gone)


ONLY FOUR Pure Ingredients!


Just water & salt (used to create REDOX SIGNALING MOLECULES using ASEA’s heavily patented technology), a ph buffer and a clay-derived gel agent. No concern about the neurotoxins  and carcinogens common in personal care products.


RENU 28 has received a coveted 5-star rating—the highest possible—by leading European dermatological research institute, Dermatest. In a 28-day study, RENU 28 was shown to:

Dermatest Clinically Tested

  • 55% increase in blood flow to the area after 96 hours of 2x daily use
  • Reduce eye wrinkle depth by 21%
  • Improve wrinkles overall by 23%
  • Improve facial skin texture by 22%
  • Increase skin’s smoothness by 23%
  • Increase skin’s elasticity by 20%
  • Increase skin’s moisture by 11%
  • Reduction in appearance of cellulite 16% (with actual reduction in size of fat lobules!)
  • 16% faster skin renewal rate

Of course I wanted to be a distributor of this product. Contact me for more info or place your order here:

Want to See Some Results Other People Had? (click here) 


Here’s a snapshot from July 2015.  Most people think I look a lot younger than 65.

ASEA, the Redox Signaling Molecules Supplement for Cellular Health

ASEA Benefits:

Our cells produce Redox Signaling Molecules. These molecules support and can positively affect virtually all body systems and organs, enhancing your body’s natural ability to heal itself.

ASEA “Redox Certified” products are guaranteed to contain trillions of these molecules. There is no other source for these molecules except for what your body can produce.

This is an exciting, major breakthrough in health science. Now we can deliver bio-identical cellular signaling molecules for replenishing something our cells use for healing.

Bioagilytix Certified

10423643_10152303305898440_3162673032655633979_n - Copy

Because you are supplementing molecules that are already in your body:

  • ASEA has zero side effects
  • There’s no risk of over-use
  • No one can have an allergic reaction
  • It is compatible with any medication or treatment
  • It can enhance the power of anything else positive you are doing or taking for your health

The Importance of Redox Signaling Molecules to Health

These molecules are critical to cellular efficiency and cell-to-cell communication. They are produced within the mitochondria of our cells, yet production decreases as we age and are exposed to environmental stress.

When our supply is inadequate or imbalanced, we experience symptoms of health decline, such as:

  • mood issues
  • sleep issues
  • breathing problems
  • skin problems
  • joint discomfort
  • fatigue
  • autoimmune issues
  • brain fog
  • poor blood health
  • compromised immune health
  • degenerative conditions

When an optimal supply of balanced redox molecules is restored to the system, improvement can be seen in every aspect of wellness.

Athletic Benefits


Although no stimulants or banned substances are in ASEA, double-blind placebo-controlled studies at Appalachian State University NC Research Campus showed:

  • 12% increase in VO2Max in athletes using ASEA compared to the placebo
  • Mice ran 29% longer on ASEA and spared 33% of their muscle glycogen
  • In humans, a major shift in 43 metabolites occurred immediately after drinking 4 oz. of ASEA. These are “fingerprint” indicators of significant change in metabolic processes.
  • Scientists observed a metabolic shift that was allowing fat stores to became more available for fuel.

SUMMARY of ASEA Benefits:


  • Promotes enhanced immune function
  • Clinically proven to reduce oxidative stress
  • Proven to reduce free radical damage related to LDL cholesterol & DNA
  • Boosts production of our cells’ own antioxidant defense system (glutathione and other powerful internally produced antioxidants) by 500-800%
  • Repairs cellular damage and fortifies healthy cells
  • Provides superior support to athletes

(See my pages about RENU 28 and RENU Advanced for info on topical benefits.)

Positive and remarkable outcomes are being experienced in every aspect of health and well-being with as little as 4 oz of daily ASEA.

How To Order?

ASEA is available from ASEA Independent Associates like myself. Education is a key part of ASEA’s mission.

My branded website for ASEA

Click here for a short Video About ASEA Redox Supplement

10434008_10202274127915754_8628768795209867911_n - Copy

Click here to LEARN MORE in a Detailed Overview

Contact me for more info:

(ASEA makes no claims to treat, cure or prevent any disease or health condition. ASEA simply provides trillions of native-to-the-body redox signaling molecules. These work at the cellular level with  the body’s own remarkable ability to heal itself. ASEA is not a drug. It is produced in our own FDA approved, NSF certified facility and is classified as a supplement. It utilizes molecules native to the human body that enhance vital cellular functions.)