The Science of Redox Signaling


The ability of human cells to perceive and correctly respond to their micro-environment is the basis of growth and development, tissue repair, and immunity. Errors in cellular information processing are responsible for diseases such as cancer, autoimmune disorders, diabetes. Redox signaling molecules are among the messenger molecules at the core of this cellular information network.

Redox signaling is cutting edge science that is being studied at university and government levels all over the world.

The “Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine” in 1998 heralded this exploding new field: redox biochemistry and the study of signaling molecules.

Reactive Oxygen Species Redox Signaling Molecules are produced within the mitochondria of our cells and support virtually every major body system and function. They are messenger molecules that detect problem areas in the body and address them with repair and replacement of damaged cells. They help reduce the oxidative stress that underlies most health problems.


Imbalances or deficiencies in our supply of these signaling molecules result in failing health, immune weakness, accelerated aging and cellular damage. Our cells produce fewer and fewer as we age and are exposed to environmental stress. Exercise helps increase our supply.

Go to and search “redox signaling molecules”. You will see over 460,000 scholarly articles and research papers.

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Some of the studies on ASEA products can be found here: ASEA Science

Understanding the Redox Basis of Various Illnesses