Men! RENU 28. Not Just For Women.

What makes ASEA’s RENU 28 different?

It is the only topical product in the world that contains native-to-the-body Redox Signaling Molecules, which empower cells to become healthier.


  • fragrance-free gel
  • 100% non-toxic
  • affordable
  • easy to use

A clinical study @ Dermatest Dermatological Institute showed RENU 28 increased blood flood to the area where applied by 55% in just 96 hours of twice daily use, bringing oxygen & nutrients to cells.  (Below, my friend Bruce.)


Dr. Gordon was super excited about his results also:


A proper supply of Redox Signaling Molecules enables cellular healing: damaged, dysfunctional cells fading away and healthy, vibrant cells taking over.

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I pay the low price of $35 for my 2.7 ounce tube of RENU 28, which lasts a month for face & neck. Contact me for more info at or through My website

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DISCLAIMER – RENU 28 and ASEA are not drugs and make no medical claims to treat, prevent or cure any medical condition.

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