Fall Hikes. Getting Out There! Utah, California, Virginia

Fall is such a great time to get out and do some walking and hiking. These photos are from some of my Fall hikes.


Okay, that one (above) was more of a picnic. I made apple pie from scratch and brought it into the mountains overlooking the Shenandoah Valley just off the Blue Ridge Parkway here in Virginia. Solo picnic, so serene. Then, I did walk some trails.


Below: hiking into Bryce Canyon (Utah) fall 2013. The toughest hike I’ve taken!

10660284_10204829662724090_8817841171659189233_n1229868_10201946129877571_2111844487_n 1240524_10201946090836595_659324_n


Look closely, see the people walking UP that zig-zag trail? Yeah, that was the way back up out of the canyon.


View from one of the trails. _____________________________________________________________

Below, Hiking in Sequoia National Park ~ fall 2013:


5 mile hike to a view of Sequoia Lake:



On a less ambitious day, (below) I went to a place called Ivy Creek Natural Area outside of Charlottesville, Virginia. 216-acres with lots of trails.


Just wanted to post a little bit about fall hiking! 🙂


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