About Radha

Nurturing a lifelong love of natural living and healing, authenticity and inner peace, cooking, food as medicine, children, music, writing, pioneering movements, personal growth and freedom, and progressive ideas. 


Born and raised in California’s SF Bay Area, I attended San Francisco State College and worked at the Fillmore Auditorium after high school.

I migrated to the east coast in my early twenties and eventually settled near the Blue Ridge Mountains in central Virginia.


Beginning at a young age, I studied and taught the art, science, and spirit of Yoga and lived in yoga and meditation communities for about 20 years. (Below: left, 7 months pregnant modeling for a book on Prenatal Yoga; right, living, serving & teaching in the Integral Yoga Institute)

Vegetarian cooking became an early love of mine. I worked in several vegetarian kitchens over the years, providing up to 3 meals a day for up to 500 people and spent one year as a cook in a vegetarian nursing home.

I was married for 22 years and raised 4 children that I adore. I now have 5 grandchildren.

I developed a career in sales and marketing beginning in ’96. Since 2012, I have been with ASEA Cellular Health, a network marketing company. I help people feel better, get better and look younger using Redox Signaling Molecules, which are native-to-the-body! I use my skills to help the world learn about them. I believe that ASEA is the greatest health and anti-aging breakthrough of our lifetime. About ASEA

Here is my professional profile:


A trailblazer by nature, I love to align myself with pioneering endeavors that are visionary, especially when they help people live happier and healthier lives.

May Your Life Be Filled with Peace, Love, and Healing,


Loving my mom, my jeans, and Yosemite

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